ABA (Australasian Basketball Association) formerly know as JBL (Joe's Basketball League). Is a 6 division league held on every Sunday night from 5pm. Although JBL might seem to be the new kid on the block who only made its first appearance in 2009, the league itself has actually been in existence for over a decade. 

Currently run by two enthusiastic and passionate basketball players Patrick Yu and League Commissioner Joe Yeh along with couple of their good friends. The league originally started with a group of friends who share the same passion in the game of basketball, and committed to a weekly competition amongst themselves. With their ever growing competitiveness, more and more ballers are invited to compete on the weekly basis. It was then, the first JBL predecessor, MCCBA (Melbourne Chinese Christian Basketball Association) was formally formed. Coming off a strong religious background of the original founders, the league was at first set up as a church league for the purpose of not only enjoying the game, but also doing good testimonies for God.

MCCBA went on for seven successful years, and the expression of interest grew as time goes by. With the popular demand, the league was opened for everyone to participate. It was later changed to DarcLee Basketball League. Following the end of MCCBA, DarcLee Basketball League went on for another three exciting years.

Sharing the same interest in the game, and with the great assistance they received from the fellow basketball lovers MABA (Melbourne Asian Basketball Association), Joe, Patrick and Ken took over and started JBL.

The aim of JBL is to offer basketball lovers a competitive environment to show their passion of the game, and yet at the same time to provide an opportunities to meet one another. The league now has competitors from Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and more, which shows that basketball was truly a common language across all nations.

Despite JBL being a young and small league, their ambition has grown far beyond. Teaming up with MABA, JBL's vision is to promote the passion of basketball and share love and friendship through the game, and more importantly give back to the community where needed.

To achieve our ultimate goal, JBL needs encouragement from everyone, and every drop of your support is much appreciated. Like player and team need their crowd, and so does JBL. Please feel free to come down to Mullum Mullum Stadium or Donvale Indoor Sports Complex on Sunday nights to show your support, and enjoy the atmosphere of our passion for the game of basketball. Looking forward to seeing you all.