Player Qualification

For players to qualify to play in any ABA division, they must have heritage in one of the below FIBA Asia listed countries to be considered a “FIBA Asia player”. ABA reserves the right to check this qualification by requesting from the player either a passport or birth certificate of the player, the player's parents or the player's grandparents. 

Any player not able to present the requested documentation will be considered a “restricted player” under the ABA Import rule. If there is a breach in this rule, the players team will be made ineligible for finals and subject to relegation.

*ABA Womens competition is exempt from this qualification rule.

Refer to image 1 at the bottom of the page.

All FIBA Asia players and players in the Women's league must play a minimum of 9 regular season games to qualify for finals.

For any scenario believed to be out of scope of the above rules, please email ABA at at least 24hrs before your game if clarifiaction is required.