Team Registration

Teams must register 2 weeks prior to the season commencing (registration does not guarantee a place in the ABA season due to restricted court availability)

To register, the team entry cost and bond must be paid prior to the season commencing.

In addition, each player must provide the following details;

A captain must also be nominated 

Each team may only register a total of 10 players.

Any change to the team list before or during the season must be done 48 hours prior to the commencement of the teams next game by emailing

All fill in players must register by filling out the details mentioned above on the provided “Fill In player registration form”.

Players may NOT play for more than 1 team in ABA competitions (unless filling in as per the Fill In Player bylaws)

Players are NOT permitted to transfer teams during the season without league approval. 

If players wish to transfer teams mid season they must submit a transfer request via email 48 hours before their new teams scheduled game.

Player transfers will NOT be approved in the last 5 rounds of the regular season.